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    Megawin Switchgear Pvt Ltd

    Megawin Switchgear Pvt Ltd
    Contact Person : R. Suresh
    Phone :08022375520
    Mobile : 9900526752
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    Address : #23/3.1st Floor,Hare Krishna Road,High Grounds,Bangalore-01
    Description :
    Manufacturers of Switch Gear, Transformers,Relay


    1.Indoor & Outdoor VCB up to 36kV
    2.Cast Resin Transformer 12kV /433V up to3MVA
    3.Compact Sub-Station
    4.Unique Product: Magnetic Actuator VCB
    5.Air-Break LoadBreak Switch up to 36KV
    6.HT HRC Fuses
    7.Numerical & Electromechanical Relays

    Services :
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