Swarnambika Flour Mills & Charcoal Depot

No 4,S V Lane, Chickpet Cross, Bangalore-560053

Swarnambika Flour Mills & Charcoal Depot
Description :

Unique shapes mean unmatched performance. Our Charcoal has a distinctive appearance because it’s pure, 100% wood that’s never pressed like synthetic briquettes. That means it’s more responsive to oxygen changes, giving you superior temperature control.

Our charcoal lights easily and heats up in a flash, so you’re ready to cook in minutes. It burns hotter, sealing in juices for bolder, more flavorful food, helping you go gourmet at the grill. And it burns longer and cleaner, with less ash for faster cleanup.

Services :


Mysore Road

Timings: 7:30 AM to 8:30 PM

You want to enjoy the full flavor of your food, spices, and smoke without any taste overpowering another. Accomplishing this balance requires the highest graded local Non Veg, superior spices and sauces, and the simplest cooking fuel available: charcoal.

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